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We process the fresh apples directly from the tree into the jar and you can taste the difference. Our advantage is that the processing is done right next to the growing area, which means we can do without a long transport route, which favours the freshness and quality. In 1993 we started the processing into apple puree. Today we have set up our own bottling system, and for example produce a variety of delicious apple pulp and apple puree for Bauckhof. Our quality is constantly controlled by a laboratory. We produce conventional as well as organic products.
Apple pulp for baby food production and pastry production Ready-to-eat jars of organic apple puree and apple pulp Diverse fruit preparation
Contact Person
Denise Oestreicher Production Manager Phone.: +49 (0) 3 88 53 / 2 12 03
What is the difference between apple puree and apple pulp?
Apple pulp is the product of the pure apple. There are no additives and no sugar in the form of apple juice concentrate included. Apple puree is mixed with apple juice concentrate. This makes apple puree taste sweeter than apple pulp.
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Further information can be found in our flyer: Flyer - Download
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